Fashion Design


Textile design is a unique and exciting course that is firmly positioned in the area of printed, woven, knitted and stitched textile design yet not restricting to a traditional understanding of age old practices.


Specialist design workshops with a multi-disciplinary approach, production and a strict vigilance towards minimizing the impact of fabric design and production on the environment, all make this specialized field a coveted career option.



Textile Designer



Textile designers develop designs for apparel, interior fabrics and a variety of other materials. In this profession, you might specialize in print, embroidery, knit or another fabric trend. You could also specialize in surface design and create decorative patterns for textiles as well as non-fabric materials, such as dinnerware, wallpaper and wrapping paper. In a textile design career, you might work for a textile manufacturer, interior or fashion design firm, architectural firm or the textile department of a museum. You could also work as a freelance textile designer, developing motifs for fabrics on a contract basis.



To become a textile designer, you may earn an undergraduate degree in textile design or technology. These programs teach you the fundamentals of texture, color and shape as well as the technical aspects of textile design. You may take courses in materials, knit and weave technology, Jacquard design and digital design. You can further your education by pursuing a master’s degree in textiles. Such programs may qualify you for advanced positions in textile design by providing you with specialized instruction in concentrations like historic textiles or textile science


Diploma in Textile Design (DTD) -1 Year (2 Semesters)


  • Basic Concepts of Textile design
  • COLOR Concepts
  • Sampling & Fabric Studies
  • Basic Textile Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Textures
  • Motif and print development
  • Pencil shedding
  • Computer Aid Design
  • Market Survey
  • Project Work

Advance Diploma in Textile Design (ADTD) -2 Years (DTD+ 2 Semesters)

  • Advance Concepts of Textile design
  • Creative Design Theory and application
  • Weaving techniques
  • Traditional Embroidery
  • Ornamental, Rangoli design
  • Computer Aid Design
  • Market Survey
  • Visits / Exhibitions, Work Shops
  • Project Work

Certificate Course in Textile Design (CTD)- Six Months

  • Basic Concepts of Textile design
  • Color Concepts
  • Basic Textile Printing & Textures
  • Embroidery
  • Motif development, Pencil shedding
  • Specialization Projects- Saree Design
  • or
  • Computer Aid Design
  • Project Work


Procedure for Admission


Admission Throw Entrance test/ personal interview


Admission Time


Twice in year


  • From April to Aug For July Session
  • From Oct to Jan for Dec Session