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It’s really difficult to pen down about all the experiences and knowledge that I have gained at BICA so far. Whatever I say shall be less to describe its outstanding management and teachers who have helped me accomplish my dreams. I was a stone but BICA nurtured me and turned me into a glistening diamond.
* Ipshita Dutta- Fashion Designer

BICA is stands for Blitz Institute of Creative Arts. Here the atmosphere of class is so nice and all the teachers give full support to the students. Abhijeet Sir, who is our designing teacher always help us and encourage us and all other faculty members (Pankaj Sir, Pooja Mam) of BICA also have the same quality. Faculty members of BICA know very well when to become strict and when to become friend of student.
* Renu Sharma- Interior Designer

I am student of BICA. It is a good institute. It provides the degree and various diplomas from U.G. C. recognized university. All teachers are very good in BICA, Pankaj Sir, is very frank and good by nature. BICA is an ideal institute. It gives the way to fulfill our dreams.
* Misbah Shaheen- Interior Designer

BICA! Hearing the name one can easily guess that it is an institute with qualities of peace, love & brotherhood. I have been a student of this institute for past six months & I have found that this institute possesses all the qualities the perfect foundation of a fashion student. Teachers are typical ‘GURUS’ for the students as they try their best & work hard to give the light of knowledge to the students under their care. BICA is a labyrinth of dreams. Dreams in cloths, a paradise to us, the utopias ideals evanescent us. From the luxuries of sorrows, happiness from the somber facts that clothes, fabrics designs acquaints us that life is not a bed of roses but a general drawer expressed in forms of clothing’s with paint happiness interwoven so that we can travel the strenuous journey of life.
* S.Angela- Fashion Designer

I have been working as a designer for years, and thought I knew a lot, but the course of BICA taught me so many valuable things that I didn’t even realize I was missing. I’m so glad I enrolled with you, it has changed my life. Thank you,
* Shweta Khanna- Interior Designer

Your program & course materials are excellent, and for superior to others that we have used throughout the years. We are very happy with the level of knowledge that your staff have gained from studying with you, and shall be using your courses from now on to train all of our staff.
* Poonam Keshri- Fashion Designer

Thank you-thank you thank you for everything. I think I must have been one of the your most demanding student because I was very unsure about what I was doing and I had no confidence at all. I want you to know that your constant feedback and encouragement was fantastic and I can’t believe what I have achieved. My tutor’s time investment in me paid off and I think I will be a good advertisement for your course.
* Rachita Bhargava- Interior Designer