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Man is said to be a thinking being by nature he is governed by basic instincts namely contemplation, willingness to do something’s. Thoughts and ideas, thus he is considered to be the Best of God creation. God endowed man with a mind which is fountain head of ideas. Every man thinks but noble ideas originate in the mind of great man.
These days, fashion industry is beyond the notion of just looking good. If you have always had a flare for fashion or decorating, there are several ways for you to turn this into a career. While staying on top of trends and having a knack for putting together that killer outfit are definitely part of a career in fashion design, there is a lot more to it than that. Similarly, interior design is a lot more than selecting the couch cushion that pulls together a room.

With the changing trends and popular culture, fashion industry is beyond the notion of looking presentable. With movements like 'Fashion for a cause', brands like Levis and Adidas are recycling millions of tons of plastic and using them to create their unique line of jeans and shoes respectively. Such approach needs a different mindset towards fashion and what better than an institute that bears the capability to mould the minds of students for the betterment of the industry as well as the world at large.
Blitz Institute of Creative Arts (BICA) is one such fashion institute that is helping students understand core fashion and arming them with the ability to create something path breaking that goes a notch beyond the conventional fashion ideations. “Through BICA, we ensure that our students develop their skills to become employable and fulfill their dreams,”

A comprehensive course structure, the curriculum is divided into a one year diploma, two-year advanced diploma and the conventional three-year bachelor course in design. Students are tested on the basis of abilities and are accordingly batched into courses that would help them shine and raise up their caliber. With the student teacher ratio of 20:1, the institute ensures that each and every student is given ample attention and guidance to understand the concept and build a strong academic foundation.

Looking at the ideology behind the Institutes no other motto could have been more be fitting than “Education for Development”. The BICA has lived up to its motto.
The students of BICA have really risen. The BICA flag high touches the blue sky. The staff members are striving hard to inculcate in the students the human values along with a scientific attitude & approach towards life.

One the success of every individual’s students, we have a simple definition for our success: When you succeed, we succeed.
It is a duty of each & every one of us to see that the learners coming out of the portals of this esteemed institution are ready to meet the challenges of life & to become the pride of nation.

“Through BICA, we ensure that our students develop their skills to become employable and fulfill their dreams,”




                     Founder & Chairman
                     Member of All India Management Association

MR. K.NEERAJ, B.E-Civil, Building & Interior consultant,
                     Director-Kumar & Associates, Varanasi
                   EX-President-Association of Consulting Civil Engineering.

Arc. C.P.CHAWLA, B.ARC, ARCHITECT & Interior consultant,
                     EX-President-  The Varanasi Architect Association

Arc. RITESH KASHYAP, B.ARC, ARCHITECT & Interior consultant,
                       Director- Ritz incorporates

Arc. ANUPAM PANDEY, B.ARC, ARCHITECT & Interior consultant,
                       Director- Anvi Constructions

MRS. SHWETA JAJODIA, D.I.D, Gold Medalist, Interior consultant
                     Director- Geeshwe Creations, Varanasi

Mr. PUNEET AGARWAL, Vastushashtri & Light Designer

MS. PINKI UPADHYAY, Advisor, Varanasi

Mr. VISHAL SRIVASTAVA-Area Manager, Mau Division   

MS. MANDAKINI YADAV-Advisor, Varanasi   

MS. APARNA WAHI, Advisor, Varanasi

MRS.MADHURI-Fashion Advisor, Varanasi   

                     Fashion Advisor,Varanasi

MRS.ROMA JAISWAL-A.D.F.D., Fashion Advisor, Varanasi   


                    Director- Amigoz Soft Technology, Allahabad

                     Director- Fashion Consultant, Varanasi

MRS.PUJA BAJAJ- A.D.F.D., Fashion Advisor, Varanasi

MRS.ABHILASHA AGARWAL -D.F.D, Fashion Advisor, New Delhi

MRS.RACHNA – A.D.F.D., Fashion Advisor, Varanasi

DR.ASHWINI TRIPATHI - Social Science, Advisor

MRS.SHALU TIBREWAL- D.F.D, Fashion Advisor, Kolkotta   

MRS.SHABANA -M.F.A., Glass Designer, Mumbai